What the royal family is trying to hide about Kate Middleton? Prince William caught in struggle between Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess

Will n Kate

Kate Middleton is being chased by several rumors these days including her impending divorce from Prince William plus her secret feud with Queen Elizabeth. These issues, as the rumors have suggested, were fuelled by the things that the royal family has been hiding about the Duchess of Cambridge.

Recently, as per Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kate and William were facing divorce rumors and several reasons have been presented. But until now, those rumors have never been confirmed nor were they denied. The Palace did not issue any statement on this so far.

But people were speculating if Kate is really still happy with the royal family or something is going on. It can be recalled that she cancelled several of her royal engagements this year and even the past years. People are really wondering for the reasons.

It has been reported before by Radar Online that the Palace is actually hiding things about Kate Middleton. Since she is already a part of the royal family, much is expected of Prince William’s wife. So because of this, there are some things which should not be anymore exposed to the public.

The report elucidated some of these secrets like Kate’s topless photos, pole dancing classes, overspending, hiring a voice coach to teach her to speak in a posh accent, decreeing that she must bow to “blood princesses” and low number of royal and public engagements.

Those secrets that the royal family is trying to hide about Kate Middleton upset Queen Elizabeth so much but how about Prince William? And because rumors are rife that the Queen cannot anymore handle all these things, she feels the need to encourage William to split from commoner Kate. But if this will happen, Kate would really feel that she has been betrayed.

So because of this request by the Queen, Prince William is caught in a struggle between his grandmother and Kate Middleton. But people hope these are just rumors and will remain rumors completely.

The royal family is just protecting Kate Middleton and Prince William most especially today that they face divorce rumors and without forgetting the demands from Queen Elizabeth.

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