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Kelly Chen: There’s no place to hide my kids in Hong Kong

Kelly Chen

Even though filming her latest movie, Horseplay, meant she had to be away from her two young sons, Hong Kong star Kelly Chen relished the experience.

In her 20-minute interview with Straits Times Life! to promote the movie, Chen sounds sunny and relaxed, and is refreshingly candid.

Unlike many celebrities who clam up over personal questions, she is open about discussing her children and her parenting style.

She lets on, for example, that she was concerned about being away from home as her businessman husband Alex Lau, 40, tends to be more lax with the boys. The couple got married in 2008.

“Even when my children are coughing, he will cave in to their demands and feed them chips. I’m okay with them eating junk food but not when they’re sick. They end up coughing all night and don’t sleep well. That’s the type of thing I’m worried about,” she says. However, her husband is strict when it comes to exposing the kids in public.

She says: “Many people have approached us to ask if the boys could be featured in advertisements, but my husband doesn’t allow it.”

Still, she wants to be able to take her kids out of the house and lead a normal life as much as possible. The family reportedly live in Hong Kong’s Kadoorie Hill.

“Hong Kong is too small, where can I possibly hide them anyway? So I’ll still go out with them,” she says.

“I’m pretty all right with people taking pictures of them. I don’t think the tabloids will really run anything negative about them. They’re just kids.”

With so much testosterone in the household, is she eager to have a daughter?

She says, chuckling: “I don’t mind having a girl, but only if I’m not the one who has to give birth. Pregnancy is really very tough, so I think I’m fine for now.”

Hulk Hogan Verdict Changed The Celebrity Sex Tape Landscape


In celebrity sex tape scandal circles, it’s the lawsuit that changed everything.

Hulk Hogan won $140 million from Gawker after it published without consent a portion of a sex tape involving Hogan and his friend’s wife.

Gawker went bankrupt and was shut down in August after its parent company was sold to Univision.

Prior to the lawsuit, a small band of fixers and scandal specialists were kept gainfully employed by keeping stars’ private sex tapes off the market. After the verdict, however, business for these crisis managers has slowed to a trickle, as celebrities no longer need them, because they are no longer concerned about their private pics or tapes getting picked up by gossip magazines and websites that have been scared off by the Hogan haul.

“The business has changed in the sense that a lot of news outlets now have trepidation when it comes to reporting stories on sex tapes. Some are so scared about being sued, that the owners of some blogs are putting their assets offshore to protect themselves,” said Kevin Blatt, a crisis manager whose has helped make several celebrity sex tapes and hacked nude photos disappear. “I heard one big owner of a blog has put his personal assets in offshore holdings so he can’t get sued like [the owner of gawker] Nick Denton did personally.”

Denton was ordered to play Hulk Hogan $10 million himself, and also declared bankruptcy.

Nik Richie runs the Hollywood gossip website The Dirty. He told FOX411 that Hogan’s case was different from that of a typical celebrity sex tape. He said in most cases, a celebrity’s tape is leaked to a porn or gossip site, or offered by a star outright. The star gives consent for the sex tape to be distributed in exchange for a cut of the profits.

Celebs like Farrah Abraham and Paris Hilton had to sign off in order for their sex tapes to be distributed by adult entertainment companies. In turn, those companies gave the aforementioned stars a cut of the overall sales, whereas Hogan never signed any document allowing for his tape to be released.

Richie said hogan’s case has sites like his leery of publishing any pics or videos they get from anyone other than the stars themselves. That means pics and videos from phone hacks or stolen laptops, which before often made their ways onto sites like the dirty, are now gossip site kryptonite.

“From a media perspective, websites in the journalistic field like Gawker, even my site will stay away from public displays of received content of future celebrities,” Richie said. “The legal risks are too high because judges and juries have human emotions. If they don’t like what you display, you will lose regardless of the law.”

But the game hasn’t changed for everyone. Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, published the Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham sex tapes, among many others, says as far as he’s concerned, it is business as usual.

“The Gawker case has no effect on celeb sex tapes. That was a media outlet publishing a clip under the heading of news,” Hirsch said. “It has always been the case that ultimately the celebs have to sign off prior to release. The idea is to create a scenario where it makes sense for everybody involved whether financially or for publicity to allow the release. That will never change.”

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s claim of being overwhelmed sparks debate about role of PM’s spouse

Sophie Gregoire

House leader says discussion about more staff for PM’s wife ‘perfectly appropriate’.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s claim that she’s overwhelmed and needs more staff to cope with the mountain of requests for her time has ignited a debate about the role of a prime minister’s spouse.

In her interview with the French-language newspaper Le Soleil, Grégoire Trudeau said she wants to be everywhere, but cannot because her husband is the prime minister and she has three children to look after.

She said she gets numerous letters from people asking her to help with various projects and charities and is forced to make difficult choices about who she can help based on the resources she has.

Grégoire Trudeau also said her dining room table is her office, and while she has one assistant to help, that frequently proves to be insufficient for the demands on her time.

Unlike in the United States, there is no first lady or official role for the spouse of the prime minister, although prime ministers’ spouses usually stay active in a number of charitable organizations and causes.

But the interview detailing the demands on her time sparked a sarcastic response on Twitter with the hashtag #prayforsophie. People have been using the hashtag to poke fun at Grégoire Trudeau, sometimes in a vindictive manner.

“The kind of statements we heard from the prime minister’s wife, you know, speak to that disconnect with the reality that Canadian women face,” said NDP MP Niki Ashton. “So if we’re going … to talk about women feeling overwhelmed, let’s talk about everyday Canadian women feeling overwhelmed,” she added.

Tory MP calls it hypocrisy.

Conservative MP Candice Bergen said that being in the family of the prime minister was a big job that comes with sacrifices, but Justin Trudeau campaigned on families like his not needing help from taxpayers and he should stick to that principle.

“It really is the hypocrisy of Mr. Trudeau at this point always wanting more, always wanting more to do self-promotion, to do vanity trips, to do the things that he likes to do,” Bergen said. “I think that’s where the challenge is and where a lot of Canadians would question more.”

Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc, however, was quick to defend Grégoire Trudeau, saying that it is an established fact that the prime minister’s spouse is supported for official activities she undertakes on behalf of Canada.

“It’s no secret that Ms. Grégoire Trudeau is asked to attend an enormous number of events,” LeBlanc said. “She’s participated in a whole series of very worthy causes. So we find that a perfectly appropriate conversation to have: Does she have the adequate support to undertake these official functions?

An official response from the Prime Minister’s Office said Grégoire Trudeau participates in many activities such as the CHEO Healthy Kids Awards or the Wabano Fundraising Gala, as well as anorexia and bulimia awareness events, among others.

Grégoire Trudeau is also the official spokeswoman of Fillactive, a foundation that provides opportunities for girls 12 to 17 to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

“As has been the tradition in Canada — and has been the case for spouses of former prime ministers — [Grégoire Trudeau] receives help from PMO staff to fulfill the duties and responsibilities that come with the role,” the statement read. “She receives an extraordinarily high volume of correspondence and invitations.”

Angelina Dumpet Brad Efter Privat øje Afsløret Marion Cotillard Affære


Angelina Jolie har søgt om skilsmisse fra Brad Pitt efter at lære han hende utro med sin sexede co-star, fortalte en velplaceret kilde The Post tirsdag.

“Hun hyrede en privatdetektiv, fordi hun følte, at han var fjoller rundt med hende på settet, og det viser sig, var han. Og det var dråben, ” siger kilden.

Pitt, 52, havde været rygter om at have været cozying op til hans “Allied ” co-star Marion Cotillard, 40, i flere måneder under parrets optagelserne af World War II drama i London.

PI opdagede, at Pitt var snyd på sin kone på to år med Cotillard – mens også feste ligesom en enkelt fyr på en mission, siger kilden.

“Stemningen [off-set] var fuld af hårde stoffer og russiske ludere, og Angie blev fortalt Brad fik fanget i det, ” siger kilden.

“Han er i gang med nogle vanvittige midtvejskrise, og Angie er fodret op.”

Men en kilde tæt på Cotillard nægtet Pitt affære rygter og insisterede hun stadig med sin langsigtet partner, fransk skuespiller og instruktør Guillaume Canet.

“De er stadig meget sammen. De har været et par siden 2007 og har et barn, men har aldrig gift, ” siger kilden til Cotillard og Canet.

Kilden kunne ikke bekræfte franske rapporter om, at Cotillard er gravid med sit andet barn med Canet.

Jolies manager, Geyer Kosinski, sagde tirsdag, “Angelina vil altid gøre hvad der er i den bedste interesse for at beskytte sine børn.

“Hun værdsætter alles forståelse for deres behov for privatliv på dette tidspunkt, ” sagde han E! Nyheder.

Pitt tilføjede i en erklæring til People Magazine, “Jeg er meget ked af det, men det, der betyder mest nu er det trivsel vores børn.

“Jeg beder pressen at give dem den plads, de fortjener i denne udfordrende tid.”

Ud over sin mands påståede affære, Jolie, 41, var syg og træt af konstant at sparring over deres livsstil, fortalte en anden kilde The Post.

Hun har i stigende grad ønsket at afslutte Hollywood til fordel for at afsætte sig på fuld tid til at rejse kloden for hendes humanitære arbejde, mens Pitt foretrækker Tinseltown og dens parter, siger kilden.

Jolie talte før FN i Manhattan netop dette tidligere fredag ​​at bede dem om at hjælpe millioner af syriske flygtninge.

“Jo ældre hun bliver, jo mere alvorligt bliver hun, og hun er træt af Hollywood ting, ” den anden kilde sagde.

“Han ønsker at lave film. Hun gør ikke. Det er en fundamental forskel. Det er, hvordan du lever dit liv. ”

Gør tingene værre, Pitt er tættere på Jolies berømte skuespiller far, Jon Voight, end hun er, siger kilden.

“Jon er en Hollywood-fyr, og hun er blevet fremmedgjort. Brad hænger ud med sin far mere end hun gør, ” siger kilden.

En anden kilde fortæller TMZ, at Jolie mener, at hendes hendes husbond drikkeri og pot-rygning påvirker deres børn.

Tilføj til, at hans “vrede problem,” og mor til seks sagt nok er nok, fortalte kilden hjemmesiden.

Jolie søgte om skilsmisse mandag, citerer “uforenelige forskelle”.

Hun søger fysisk forældremyndighed over parrets børn, sagde TMZ. Hun vil ikke have Pitt at have fælles fysisk forældremyndighed, bare fælles forældremyndigheden. Han ville få visitation, ifølge hendes arkivering.

Jolie søger ikke ægtefællebidrag, hjemmesiden sagde.

Brangelina franske slot, Miraval – hvor parret blev gift i august 2014 – har været stille og roligt på markedet i et par måneder, og de lokale fik at vide, de solgte det, fordi de bryder op, fortalte en kilde The Post.

Jolie har hyret top gun Laura Wasser som hendes advokat.

De retsdokumenter liste parrets datoen for adskillelse som 15 sep 2016.

Parret har været sammen siden 2004.

En rep for Cotillard ikke straks komme tilbage til The Post.