Queen Elizabeth Warning Hertuginden at ‘opføre sig som en kongelig?’

Det ser ud til, at fejdet mellem Kate Middleton og Queen Elizabeth aldrig kommer til at ende – i det mindste ikke i tabloidmedierne.

Det ser ud til, at fejdet mellem Kate Middleton og Queen Elizabeth aldrig kommer til at ende – i det mindste ikke i tabloidmedierne. En ny rapport tyder på, at hertuginden er i modstrid med dronningen igen, efter at hun angiveligt har fortalt den unge moder-to-to til sidst at “opføre sig som en kongelig”.

Dramaet begyndte, da Kate tilsyneladende antydede, at hun frygter hendes kommende tur til Indien simpelthen fordi hun kommer til at gå glip af at være sammen med sine to børn, Prince George og Princess Charlotte. Dronning Elizabeth var ikke så glad for at høre om det, da hun mindede prins Williams kone om, at hun har sine pligter og forpligtelser, som hun skal opfylde.

En kongelig insider sagde: “Støtte til dronningen er en høj prioritet for [hertug og hertuginde af Cambridge], og de vil spille en stor rolle ved at blive medlem af [dronning Elizabeth] til større begivenheder.”

Kilden tilføjede: “Det er ikke sandsynligt, at hertuginden Kate vil vinde dette kamp. Prins William og Prinsesse Kate skal til Indien. Den fremtidige kong og dronning vil besøge Taj Mahal! Det kongelige par vil blive fotograferet og videobåndet uden for den ikoniske hyldest til Sand kærlighed. I dette nye århundrede med så mange måder at kommunikere på, hvorfor ville Kate Middleton blive forvirret over at forlade George og Charlotte? ”

Indtil videre har Buckingham Palace ikke fremsat bemærkninger til rapporten, men det bemærkes også, at Prince George ledsagede sine forældre på deres tur til Australien og New Zealand, før han var endda et år gammel.

When The Actress Said She Was Depressed; Gabourey Sidibe’s Mom Laughed

In her new memoir, the actress talks openly about her battles with depression and bulimia.

In her new memoir, actress Gabourey Sidibe isn’t holding back on the difficulties she’s faced in her rise to fame. Titled This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare, the Empire star writes in her book about her battles with depression and bulimia—and it’s often heartbreaking to hear what she’s experienced.

One main challenge Sidibe faced: getting her mom to recognize the severity of her depression. Sidibe writes when she tried to open up to her mom, her mom told her to “get a thicker skin,” reports People, who obtained an exclusive listen to the audiobook version of her memoir.
“When I first told her I was depressed, she laughed at me. Literally,” Sidibe writes. “Not because she’s a terrible person, but because she thought it was a joke. How could I not be able to feel better on my own, like her, like her friends, like normal people? So I just kept thinking my sad thoughts—thoughts about dying.”

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for friends and family to dismiss a person’s mental health concerns.

“Psychiatric symptoms aren’t always visible on the outside,” Evelyn Attia, M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist and the director of the Columbia Center for Eating Disorders, tells SELF. “The person on the outside can’t see what [someone] is struggling with.” Because of this, it’s common for a friend or family member to often dismiss or ignore information from someone seeking help, Dr. Attia says. “And that can be very disheartening for the affected individual.”

Sidibe’s depression dangerously affected her eating habits, and she developed bulimia, too. “Often, when I was too sad to stop crying, I drank a glass of water and ate a slice of bread, and then I threw it up,” Sidibe writes. “After I did, I wasn’t as sad anymore; I finally relaxed. So I never ate anything, until I wanted to throw up—and only when I did could I distract myself from whatever thought was swirling around my head.”

Depression and bulimia co-occur in a significant number of people.

Dr. Attia, who did not work with Sidibe, says depression and bulimia are closely linked. “If we look at a sample for bulimia nervosa, we see depression in a significant percentage of individuals,” she says.

Dr. Attia adds that suicidal thoughts and suicide rates are also higher among individuals with a formally diagnosed eating disorder, even in the absence of depression. “If someone has bulimia nervosa it’s extremely important to evaluate mood,” she says. “A comprehensive evaluation could be useful in identifying the full range of symptoms someone is struggling with in order to assure effective treatment.”

Thankfully, Sidibe sought help from a professional, who helped her understand the scope of her mental illness.

“I found a doctor and told her everything that was wrong with me,” Sidibe writes. “I’d never run down the entire list before, but as I heard myself, I could sense that dealing with this on my own was definitely no longer an option.”

And the doctor helped Sidibie realize the danger of her suicidal thoughts: “The doctor asked me if I wanted to kill myself. I said, ‘Meh, not yet. But when I do, I know how I’ll do it.’ I wasn’t afraid to die, and if there was a button I could’ve pushed to erase my existence from Earth, I would have pushed it because it would have been easier and less messy than offing myself. According to the doctor, that was enough.”

Sidibe was prescribed antidepressants—which Dr. Attia says are effective at treating bulimia, too, as they may help to decrease the urge to binge and purge when combined with therapy—and the actress started seeing a therapist. Today, Sidibe still seeks help from a therapist when she needs it, and she works regularly with a nutritionist.

“When it’s too big for me to just turn around on my own, I see a therapist,” Sidibe told People. “I see a therapist anyway. We all should see a therapist. If only for the hour a week that you can talk about yourself and not worry about monopolizing the conversation? F—ing do it, it’s worth it!”

The moral of Sidibe’s story: If you’re struggling with a mental illness or an eating disorder, seek professional help. There are ways to get better. “Individuals with bulimia nervosa, individuals with depression, and individuals who’ve got both are highly responsive to treatment,” Dr. Attia says. “Medications and focused psychotherapies are tremendously helpful at achieving total remission of these symptoms.”

This Week In MMA Biz: Conor McGregor Vs GSP Plan

Once Georges St-Pierre was booked to face Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight championship, and the possibility of GSP cutting down to lightweight was brought up, it wasn’t too difficult to put two and two together.

With a new four-fight UFC contract in hand, St-Pierre wants to win three different belts and go down as the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. In case you have any doubts, GSP himself said as much in a recent appearance on The MMA Hour.

But now, we’ve learned that the French-Canadian star’s master plan is about glory and money. In a Wednesday interview with Fight Hub TV, GSP’s boxing coach Freddie Roach, who helped broker the fighter’s four-fight deal, admitted that ending with a matchup with the UFC’s pay-per-view king is their best-case scenario.

“With the last fight, we’re hoping (for it) to be (Conor) McGregor,” Roach said. “Who wouldn’t want that fight? I mean, It’s a big fight. We’d have to maybe cut weight, meet in the middle somewhere. Something like that.”

If you’re St-Pierre, why not go for the best of both worlds?

While McGregor is busy setting up a boxing super-fight with Floyd Mayweather, GSP could feasibly win the 185-pound title (he’s a slight favorite over Bisping in the sportsbooks) and attempt to reclaim his welterweight strap. If successful on both fronts, St-Pierre could vacate his middleweight belt as McGregor did with his featherweight gold, and they could meet in a battle of the unofficial double-champs.

Even Bisping, St-Pierre’s opponent for either the summer or fall depending on who gets his way, has sniffed out GSP’s long game — and was happy to divulge it in greater detail than Roach.

“Here’s what I think GSP’s plan is,” Bisping said Thursday on The Countdown. “He comes back, he fights me, he beats me. In the time that takes, Demian Maia beats Jorge Masvidal, then he fights Tyron Woodley. (GSP) believes — because he said this — that Maia beats Woodley. Then, from him fighting me, he fights Maia, relinquishes the 185-pound belt, then he goes for the 170 belt. He fights Maia because stylistically it’s a good fight for him … Then he’s going to relinquish that and then fight Conor McGregor for the lightweight belt.”

I don’t agree with “The Count” all that often, but he’s right on the money here — though the timeline he’s laid out would make McGregor GSP’s third opponent, and not his fourth as Roach alluded to.

But let’s not get caught up with this minor detail. GSP could just as easily have to fight McGregor right after Bisping if the lightweight champ’s UFC return comes sooner than expected. The important takeaway here is that, for the first time, St-Pierre vs. McGregor is more than just hearsay.

Now, it’s on GSP to win his way to the biggest money fight in UFC history.

Prince Charles cried over Camilla

Prince Charles cried over Camilla on his wedding night, book claims.

On the night he married Princess Diana, Prince Charles wept over the woman he would later marry, Camilla Parker Bowles, according to an explosive new biography about the Prince of Wales.

The book, titled ‘Prince Charles: Passions and paradoxes of an improbable life’, is being released next month.

Best selling New York Times author Sally Bedell Smith paints a picture of the prince’s tumultuous romance with Lady Diana who, she says, he never really loved but had felt bullied to propose to by his father Prince Phillip.

Phillip wrote his son a letter, as was custom then, and said “Charles should either propose to [Diana] or release her. In either event, he should make a decision shortly,” Bedell Smith writes.

“Written communications were the regrettable norm for father and son. Charles chose to interpret the letter as coercive and accusatory,” she writes.

But it was a decision marred with regret from the start, forcing Charles to push aside his feeling for his true love, Camilla, who he met in 1972.

The upper class daughter of a British Army officer, she is described in the book as “warm… with enormous sex appeal”. However, Bedell Smith claims Camilla was not deemed to be ‘virginal enough’ to be married into the royal family.

In 1980, Charles was still “hemmed in by the royal custom of marrying a virgin, or at least a woman who seemed virginal”, she writes.

This led him to a young, virginal 19-year-old Diana and an “essentially unbridgeable” 12-year age gap, she writes.

“They had no intellectual connections, few mutual friends, no interests in common and none of the shared life experiences he would have had with a contemporary.

“Although had the same limited upper-class education, [Camilla] was on Charles’ wave length — absorbed, as he was, by hunting and other country pursuits, at home in the same social circle — in a way Diana could never be.”

Bedell Smith also said it was Camilla’s warmth which attracted the young prince, adding how she “always listened to him” and he “found the warmth that he yearned for”.

This was the polar opposite to the relationship he kept with Diana after they married. Bedell Smith claims Diana would taunt Charles that he would “never be King” during heated rows at Kensington Palace and would hit him over the head when he knelt down to pray by their bed at night.

The couple eventually stopped having sex three years into their marriage and slept in different bedrooms from 1984, while both conducted affairs, Bedell Smith writes.

In her famous BBC interview in November 1995, Diana admitted to sleeping with her riding instructor James Hewitt. And referring to Camilla, she said: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded”.

Bedell Smith said Charles had thought he could “grow to love Diana” but six years into his marriage, wrote to a friend, “How could I have got it all so wrong?”

The book is available on April 4.

Le prince Charles pleurait sur Camilla

La nuit où il a épousé la princesse Diana, le prince Charles a pleuré sur la femme qu’il épouserait plus tard, Camilla Parker Bowles, selon une nouvelle biographie explosive sur le prince de Galles.

Le livre, intitulé «Prince Charles: Passions et paradoxes d’une vie improbable», sera publié le mois prochain.

L’auteur du New York Times, Sally Bedell Smith, peint une photo de la romance tumultueuse du prince avec Lady Diana qui, dit-elle, n’a jamais vraiment aimé, mais s’est senti intimidée à proposer par son père, le prince Phillip.

Phillip écrivit à son fils une lettre, comme l’avait fait la coutume, et dit: «Charles devrait soit proposer à Diana, soit la relâcher. Dans l’un et l’autre cas, il devrait prendre une décision sous peu», écrit Bedell Smith.

«Les communications écrites étaient la norme regrettable pour le père et le fils. Charles a choisi d’interpréter la lettre comme coercitive et accusatoire», écrit-elle.

Mais c’était une décision marquée de regret dès le début, forçant Charles à repousser son sentiment pour son véritable amour, Camilla, qu’il a rencontré en 1972.

La fille de classe supérieure d’un officier de l’armée britannique, elle est décrite dans le livre comme «chaud … avec l’appel sexuel énorme». Cependant, Bedell Smith prétend Camilla n’était pas réputé être «assez virginal» pour être marié dans la famille royale.

En 1980, Charles était encore «coincée par la coutume royale d’épouser une vierge, ou du moins une femme qui semblait virginale», écrit-elle.

Cela l’a conduit à une jeune Diana virginale de 19 ans et un écart d’âge «essentiellement insurmontable» de 12 ans, écrit-elle.

«Ils n’avaient aucun lien intellectuel, peu d’amis communs, aucun intérêt en commun et aucune des expériences de vie partagées qu’il aurait eu avec un contemporain.»

«Bien qu’ayant le même enseignement limité de classe supérieure, Camilla était sur la longueur d’onde de Charles, absorbée par la chasse et d’autres activités de campagne, à la maison dans le même cercle social – d’une manière que Diana ne pourrait jamais être.»

Bedell Smith a également dit que c’était la chaleur de Camilla qui a attiré le jeune prince, en ajoutant comment elle “l’écoutait toujours” et il “a trouvé la chaleur qu’il aspirait”.

C’était le contraire polaire de la relation qu’il a gardée avec Diana après leur mariage. Bedell Smith prétend que Diana raillerait Charles qu’il «ne serait jamais roi» pendant les rangées chauffées au palais de Kensington et le frapperait au-dessus de la tête quand il s’est agenouillé pour prier par leur lit la nuit.

Le couple a fini par arrêter d’avoir des relations sexuelles de trois ans dans leur mariage et a dormi dans différentes chambres à coucher de 1984, tandis que les deux ont conduit des affaires, écrit Bedell Smith.

Dans son interview célèbre de BBC en novembre 1995, Diana a admis dormir avec son instructeur de équitation James Hewitt. Et se référant à Camilla, elle a dit: “Nous étions trois dans ce mariage, donc c’était un peu bondé”.

Bedell Smith a dit que Charles avait pensé qu’il pourrait “grandir pour aimer Diana”, mais six ans après son mariage, a écrit à un ami, “Comment pourrais-je avoir tout cela si mal?”

Le livre est disponible le 4 avril.

The Duchess of Cornwall Had an Impressive All-Female Security Team During Her Visit to the UAE

So Camilla Parker-Bowles is a badass, everybody.


This past week, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited the United Arab Emirates to promote religious tolerance and support women in leadership in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain.

Per usual, Clarence House (the royal couple’s official residence) documented the tour on Instagram with a steady stream of photos from their diplomatic engagements.


Palace Hotel, flanked by her badass-looking all-female protection team. Her entourage included eight total women (five of which are pictured), dressed in traditional hijabs and abayas, who had been handpicked from the UAE’s elite presidential guard specifically to accompany the Duchess.

The ladies in the photo are identified in the caption (L-R) as Shaima al Kaabi, Basima al Kaabi, Hannan al Hatawi (behind the Duchess), Nisreen al Hamawi and Salama al Remeithi. All of them boast an impressive set of skills which qualifies them for the job, including intensive training in martial arts and combat techniques. Plus, Shaima, Nisreen and Hannan also conquered Mount Everest earlier this year, enduring the grueling two-week trek to the summit.

The photograph underscores the theme of female empowerment, which the Duchess championed throughout her week-long tour.

‘It’s fascinating. It is quite extraordinary to have them,” Camilla Parker-Bowles told the Daily Mail of the women—or “angels” as she called them. “I have never had four women looking after me [and] they are the most incredible women. The first one had climbed Everest. I said ‘how long did it take?’ and she said 16 days! It’s quite remarkable.”

Barcelona lanzará material invisible de Lionel Messi en La Masia

Barcelona ha lanzado un nuevo video que contiene los puntos destacados de la carrera de un joven Lionel Messi en la famosa academia del club, La Masia.


Messi se unió al club español del equipo argentino Newell’s Old Boys en 2001 y se alzó por las filas juveniles para convertirse en uno de los mejores futbolistas de todos los tiempos.

En reconocimiento a su ascenso, los campeones reinantes de La Liga compartieron un video de dos minutos y medio en el día de Navidad, trazando muchos de los grandes goles que Messi anotó durante su tiempo con el equipo juvenil.
Naturalmente, su talento es evidente al pasar por delante de los oponentes con asombrosa facilidad, de la misma manera que ahora trata a los defensores profesionales.

En lo que debe ser una de sus primeras entrevistas, Messi dice: “La temporada pasada estuve jugando un partido, y me lastimé después de unos minutos, estoy de vuelta y estoy muy feliz”.

Después de un buen tiro de meta, un sudoroso adolescente Messi reflexionó. “He marcado cinco goles, y espero seguir marcando mucho más”.

En otra etapa, muestra una afinidad temprana con el Barcelona por burlarse de sus rivales locales: “Es genial estar por delante del equipo del Espanyol U16A”.

El joven Messi todavía tiene inconfundible estilo de drible, así como increíble equilibrio que le hace imposible encoger el balón.

Una y otra vez baila a través de las defensas antes de terminar pasado portero indefenso tras el portero indefenso.

Ha pasado a ser el mejor jugador de la rica historia de Barcelona, ​​y sin duda el mejor de todos los tiempos para gracia del fútbol.

Marcó su primer gol profesional como jugador de 17 años en mayo de 2005, y sólo el mes pasado alcanzó los 500 goles en el club de fútbol en la victoria de Barcelona sobre el Sevilla. Todavía con sólo 29 años de edad, Messi podría muy posiblemente ir a marcar otros 200 en los colores de Barcelona.

Ya tiene 12 goles en 11 aperturas en la liga esta temporada, así como un extraordinario 10 goles en sólo cinco partidos de la Liga de Campeones, incluyendo un hat-trick en la victoria por 4-0 sobre el Manchester City.

Messi también es el máximo goleador en las principales ligas de Europa en 2016, con 51 goles, aunque Zlatan Ibrahimovic tiene la oportunidad de adelantarlo con un juego restante.

Barcelona sigue compitiendo en tres frentes esta temporada: han cerrado la ventaja del Real Madrid en la cima de la Liga a tres puntos, mientras que enfrentan al Paris Saint-Germain en la Liga de Campeones en febrero y al Athletic Bilbao en la Copa Del Rey el próximo mes.

Messi acaba de terminar segundo al adversario Cristiano Ronaldo en el 2016 Ballon d’Or.

Charitable Giving – Costco

Donation and Grant Eligibility Guidelines
In keeping with Costco Wholesale’s giving guidelines our warehouses and regional offices specifically support programs focusing on children, education and health and human services. We would like to respond favorably to all requests however the needs are far greater than our allocated resources. Therefore it is not possible for us to accommodate all requests.


Costco Warehouse Donations
For local organizations and groups, which focus on children, education or health and human services, provide your local Costco Warehouse Manager with a copy of your IRS tax letter with your 501 (c) (3) status and a completed Warehouse Donation Request form.

Regional Office Donations
For donations which impact a broader community or region, focusing on children, education or health and human services provide the regional office with a copy of your IRS tax letter noting your 501 (c) (3) status and a completed Regional Donation Request form.

Qualifying for a Grant
We specifically focus on programs supporting children, education and health and human services. The United Way, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the Red Cross are examples in our charitable giving. Costco Wholesale is committed to supporting charitable and community activities in the markets where we do business.

We do not provide direct aid to:
Capital campaigns, building projects, or equipment
Transportation and travel expenses
Political organizations
Religious organizations for religious purposes
Government agencies
Loans or investments
Research studies
Athletic teams, events, or sponsorships
Animal related programs, including shelters
Merchandise for fundraisers and auctions
Symposiums, conferences, conventions, professional association meetings
Individual primary and secondary schools
Merchandise promotions, partnerships or advertising
General awareness campaigns
Development or production of books, films, videos, television programs, or websites
Parties, celebrations, parades, festivals and raffles
Deficit funding

Our Charitable Contributions Committee is charged with overseeing our charitable giving and encouraging decentralization of charitable giving so that the greatest impact is where Costco’s employees and members live and work. Only 501(c) (3) nonprofit organizations, which meet our giving guidelines and focus areas, are considered.

What the royal family is trying to hide about Kate Middleton? Prince William caught in struggle between Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess

Will n Kate

Kate Middleton is being chased by several rumors these days including her impending divorce from Prince William plus her secret feud with Queen Elizabeth. These issues, as the rumors have suggested, were fuelled by the things that the royal family has been hiding about the Duchess of Cambridge.

Recently, as per Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kate and William were facing divorce rumors and several reasons have been presented. But until now, those rumors have never been confirmed nor were they denied. The Palace did not issue any statement on this so far.

But people were speculating if Kate is really still happy with the royal family or something is going on. It can be recalled that she cancelled several of her royal engagements this year and even the past years. People are really wondering for the reasons.

It has been reported before by Radar Online that the Palace is actually hiding things about Kate Middleton. Since she is already a part of the royal family, much is expected of Prince William’s wife. So because of this, there are some things which should not be anymore exposed to the public.

The report elucidated some of these secrets like Kate’s topless photos, pole dancing classes, overspending, hiring a voice coach to teach her to speak in a posh accent, decreeing that she must bow to “blood princesses” and low number of royal and public engagements.

Those secrets that the royal family is trying to hide about Kate Middleton upset Queen Elizabeth so much but how about Prince William? And because rumors are rife that the Queen cannot anymore handle all these things, she feels the need to encourage William to split from commoner Kate. But if this will happen, Kate would really feel that she has been betrayed.

So because of this request by the Queen, Prince William is caught in a struggle between his grandmother and Kate Middleton. But people hope these are just rumors and will remain rumors completely.

The royal family is just protecting Kate Middleton and Prince William most especially today that they face divorce rumors and without forgetting the demands from Queen Elizabeth.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Says Women ‘Can No Longer Be Ignored’

Women “can no longer be ignored,” Sophie Grégoire Trudeau announced in Havana on Wednesday.


Grégoire Trudeau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent three days in Cuba reinforcing the relationship between Canada and Cuba. While the Prime Minister met with President Raúl Castro to discuss issues like climate change, gender equality, regional safety and security issues, Grégoire Trudeau also championed gender equality while speaking on a panel in the capital city.

Grégoire Trudeau noted it’s not just a matter of women standing up for women, telling the audience at San Geronimo University that men, particularly in countries with a culture of machismo, need to teach boys to respect women.

“Our boys need to look up to older people around them, especially male figures, to be able to express their full person and potential, but that is only possible if they are raised in a culture that celebrates men and women with the same equal rights, freedoms and respect,” she said.

The Prime Minister and his wife identify as feminists and have stated they are committed to raising their sons as feminists as well.